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Create a web page with OpenOffice.org Sunday, 26 October 2008

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Not my first option to create web pages, but it may make things easier sometimes…


  1. Open OpenOffice.org Writer (text document)
  2. Enable and use the toolbars shown in the “OOo web options/toolbars” screenshot
  3. Create your document
  4. Save it (ODT or your favourite format) – as a backup
  5. Go to File > Save as… (screenshot: “OOo Writer Save as”) and choose HTML as shown in the “OOo Save as HTML” screenshot. I’d recommend you to save to a folder specifically created to store your webpage. Later you can upload the whole folder to your Web Documents at school.
  6. Open the HTML file with a web browser to check the results. Writer is not a web page editor per se, so don’t expect it to be a replacement for Adobe Dreamweaver!
OOo web options/toolbars

OOo web options/toolbars

OOo Save as...

OOo Writer Save as...

OOo Save as HTML

OOo Save as HTML


OpenOffice.org resources Sunday, 26 October 2008

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This is just a starting point. There are many resources on OOo (OpenOffice.org), which we will regularly add and update, time allowing.

OpenOffice.org video tutorials from Netosis.com

News article on OOo v3.0 (Linux Format web site)