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MYP Advanced tutorial G2 project Sunday, 26 October 2008

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Hey there! It was a real joy to see you guys again and share a class last Thursday. I’m sorry it was mostly a lecture introducing your last MYP Computer Technology project, the “Advanced Tutorial” (let’s abbreviate it as MYP AT).

joke-myp warning

"This is Spartaaaa" joke - MYP warning!

Remember that the process (and the Design Folder or Folio, or write-up) is more important than the product here! Your product has to meet your Design Specs. and be completed, so be careful not to spend too much time creating the product (the fun part, I know) – you have a report and a journal to write as well… This is MYP! muahahahaha.

Summarising what we talked about, these are the highlights:

  • The main idea of the project is to find sources of information and learn the advanced software skills and techniques that will allow you to produce a high-quality IGCSE Coursework. (Investigation)
  • The product of this project will be a tutorial showing those advanced software skills and techniques (I)
  • You will carefully pick your Design Specifications, brainstorm and pick a mode (media) and a design (layout) that meets your D. S. – the recommendation here is to include the following in your D. Specs.: your time contraints (limitations) and the requirement of efficiency (you need to complete this project quickly and at the same time meet your objective (Design)
  • Carefully, realistically and using logic and common sense, Plan the steps you need to create of your product
  • Create and document the implementation of your plan using a journal. Note that the product may be your IGCSE Coursework solution.
  • Evaluate your performance at each stage of the project (I-D-P-C), suggest possible improvements, show the results of your product testing (does it comply with your initial Design Specs?)

Another points contrasting your MYP AT project with the IGCSE Coursework (from the documentation perspective):

In the MYP AT project, you show how you create the product. This means the MYP project could be a tutorial showing how you create your solution for the IGCSE Coursework. (“2 birds with one shot” approach)

The IGCSE Coursework’s documentation aspects are two (very roughly, of course):

  • Technical documentation (how to maintain, modify, expand your system/solution)
  • User documentation (show someone who thinks the xbox 360 is a gaming supercomputer 8\ how to use your solution)

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