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Evaluation: Common mistakes Sunday, 30 November 2008

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This is a brief compilation of the common omissions in the Evaluation section of the MYP Computer Technology projects:

  • Some students forget to implement the ways of testing the product compliance to the Design Specification. Remember the last part of your Investigation? The tests you designed there (the ones to check that your final product contains all your Design Specs.) should be done when you finish your product, and the results should be published in the Evaluation.
  • Don’t forget to suggest improvement to these ways of testing. More testers? More questions? Better questions? More ways?
  • Most students evaluate their performance at each stage of the project (Investigation, Design, Plan, Creation), but forget to suggest improvements at each stage. Do this for a better level of achievement.
  • Many students forget to comment on the impact of your product/project in the local and global community. This, in a few words, means: how do you think your product could change things in your immediate community (people close to you) and globally (the world)?

Hope this helps you!

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