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HTML snippets Wednesday, 13 May 2009

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You can find interesting HTML snippets of code (that you can insert easily in iWeb) to improve your web pages at these web sites:

If you google html code + something that you would like to add to your web page, (like a clock), you will find tutorials or information that you can copy and paste into your web page in order to achieve what you want.

It’s not 100% guaranteed, but you should try it!

Besides HTML, you may also look for Javascript code.


Common mistakes in Design and Planning sections Saturday, 15 November 2008

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After collecting and commenting on the student work recently, there were a variety of problems that cropped up fairly regularly.

Design issues

A large proportion of the projects were missing important elements critical to achieving the higher levels of the criteria. Specifically, it is recommended that all of you check on the following:

  • Improve the quality of the sketches and screen snapshots for EACH of the possible modes – include details about functions, colours, fonts, layout, etc. (Your basic requirement is to offer the impression that you have seriously considered using all of the possible modes and chosen one mode for a logical reason). When you make sketches, use a ruler and make them look as good as possible rather than messy and incomprehensible.
  • Improve the way you display each modes relationship to the design specs – a good way to do this is to build a simple table that has specs on one axis and the modes on the other. Then, simply check off the negatives and positives of each possible approach. (Please note,however, that just because one mode satisfies all the requirements of the design specs doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice. In some cases, there may be factors that render the mode unusable. Eg. Too expensive, etc)
  • Improve the detail of your justification of one mode over the others. Offer clear examples that show you have put some strong thought into this process.

Planning section

Many projects had weak planning sections. Specific issues were as follows:

  • The resource lists were lacking detail or missing completely! A good resource list should clearly display all materials used in the project and also explain why / how they will be used. Eg. It is not suitable to say “I will use a computer” as not all computers (hardware/software) have the same capabilities. It would be better to offer a bit more information, such as the clock speed, size of hard drive, multimedia capabilities (i.e. dvd player / burner, etc) that suggests you have assessed the hardware requirements to make a good product.
  • The Gantt charts were missing key elements; try to add a minimum of at least three sub-categories for each criteria listed, and underneath the Gantt chart, offer a brief but focused analysis of why you have allowed a specific amount of time to complete each criteria required.
  • Try to evaluate your plan carefully and add a section that explains your modifications (changes that occur after you realize that your plan might need to be improved) and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your plan (called Evaluating the plan in MYP speak)

Hope this helps a bit!

Check the rest of the “common mistakes” entries under this tag: mistakes

Design Stage Monday, 10 November 2008

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Design Section of the MYP Computer Technology Subject

Mode / ‘Media’

  1. Brainstorm mode (media, i.e. web site, movie, etc. – note that you do not mention any specific software application yet)
  2. Compare each possible mode against your Design Specs.
  3. Choose the best mode > the one that meets all your Design Specs. and allows you to finish on time

Designs / ‘Layouts’

  1. For the chosen mode, generate 3 or 4 designs (for movie, you need a storyboard instead of the following elements)
    1. layout
    2. colours
    3. fonts
    4. sizes
    5. etc.
    6. how each specification will be included in each design
  2. Compare each design against the design specifications
  3. Choose one design that meets all the Design Specs. and allows you to finish on time

How to create a web page (Kompozer) Sunday, 26 October 2008

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Here are some links that will show you how to use Kompozer (the web creation software available at school). Kompozer is free, and it also has a Linux and Windows version, besides the Mac OS X one that we use at school.

There is a very handy 2 page Kompozer tutorial included in Linux Format Issue 112 (December 2008) – Get creative!

The article is “Get creative: make a website – Anybody who’s anybody has a web presence thesedays. We show you how to create a website quickly and easily with the help of WYSIWYG tool Kompozer. (Mike Saunders)

Kompozer guide with screenshots

A good, but not very visual, Kompozer tutorial

Quick Guide

Konpozer video tutorial by netosis.com

And of course, you could search for “Kompozer tutorial” on youtube, or any of your favourite online resources.

Video Tutorial (Windows, resolution’s horrible, though, but it’s narrated):