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Brochure project DEADLINE Thursday, 28 January 2010

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Please remember:

  • The deadline for our Holiday Destinations brochure project is our second lesson next week; shortly after each student will present their product to the class.
  • Update your journal or (b)logs so they reflect the final touches to your brochure plus the latest information and resources you have found and used.

Great work so far, everyone!

(Just remember to BACK UP your work, alright?)


Brochure project Friday, 15 January 2010

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Tasks to complete by Monday 18:

  • Gather photos and facts about your holiday destination (a recent one you have travelled to, or one you like)
  • Blog your progress (i.e. blogger.com, set up your own if you don’t have one please):
    • add at least one entry explaining why you have chosen your specific holiday destination
    • add one or more entries recording the sources of information that you find for your project (this has to be done each time you find more sources of information)

Helping students do better projects Sunday, 26 April 2009

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This project, which requires you to assist new students to High school learn how to do better MYP Computer Applications projects, is due on Friday May 8, 2009.

You are required to do the following:

  1. Create a product that will assist a new student in better understanding how to do an MYP project. This could involve teaching two of the criteria or building a tutorial that will assist the student in gaining skill in a useful application. (eg. Photoshop).
  2. Create a write up that covers two of the MYP Computer Applications criteria. (eg. Investigation and Evaluation)

Your work will be assessed on both the quality of the product and the write up.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Balcer or Mr. Drien Vargas.

Important Information Thursday, 22 January 2009

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Have a look at the following tags linking to posts referring to the following essential information for our classes:

Current MYP Project Deadlines Thursday, 22 January 2009

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For our current MYP Comp Apps (both 9 and 10), our first deadline is

  • Our second class after Lunar New Year.

You need to bring a printed (hard copy) of your

  1. Investigation
  2. Design

Please do NOT miss any deadline. Failure to meet any deadline will result in you getting an interim report.

Podcast Project Topic Sheet Friday, 16 January 2009

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Computer Apps Podcast Project

January 13 – February 4 (present the week after you return from Lunar/Chinese New year holiday)

Using Garageband, create two 5 minute podcasts about topics you (or your partner) are interested in – the possible categories are:

  • Arts

    • Design

    • Fashion
      & Beauty

    • Food

    • Literature

    • Performing

    • Visual

  • Business

    • Business

    • Careers

    • Investing

    • Management
      & Marketing

    • Shopping

  • Comedy

    • Suitable
      for all age groups

  • Education

    • Education

    • Higher

    • K-12

    • Language

    • Training

  • Games
    & Hobbies

    • Automotive

    • Aviation

    • Hobbies

    • Other

    • Video
  • Health

    • Alternative

    • Fitness
      & Nutrition

    • Self-Help

  • Kids
    & Family

  • Music

  • News

  • Science
    & Medicine

    • Medicine

    • Natural

    • Social

  • Society
    & Culture

    • History

    • Personal

    • Philosophy

    • Places
      & Travel

  • Sports
    & Recreation

    • Amateur

    • College
      & High School

    • Outdoor

    • Professional

  • Technology

    • Gadgets

    • Tech

    • Podcasting

    • Software

  • TV
    & Film

  • Something


  • Script quality (interesting, thought provoking topics)

  • Sound quality (clear voice, easy to hear and understand, background music and/or sound effects do not get in the way of the message)

  • Use of interesting special music and audio effects

  • Working RSS feed (compatible with iTunes / generated by iWeb)

  • Appropriate length (2 or 3 episdes of 5 minutes each)

  • Appropriate web publishing (Send podcast to iWeb)

  • Inclusion of any extra visual elements (Podcast cover art, etc.)

Please read the following tutorial – if you are already familiar with Garageband, you may prefer to jump straight to part 2 of the tutorial.


Bring the appropriate equipment such as headphones, thumbdrives, etc.
Also check the post on podcast project links.

Tech Helper MYP Project Thursday, 20 November 2008

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If you want feed back on your Creation and Evaluation, you may submit these sections of your project by Wednesday 26 November.

The final dedaline for the whole project (design folder, AKA write-up or report, plus a CD with the product, softcopies of the journal and design folder) is the first lesson after exam week.

Dangers of Technology MYP Project Thursday, 20 November 2008

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If you want feed back on your Creation and Evaluation, you may submit these sections of your project Thursday 27.Nov.08.

Our first class after exam week is the deadline for our “Dangers of tech.” MYP Project.