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Antivirus? Thursday, 30 October 2008

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A couple of articles you may want to read if you want to know more about computer virii (“viruses”).

Both from Australian PC Authority web site.

Can you trust antivirus rankings?

The antivirus software that I’m currently using at home is Bitdefender (Internet Security and Antivirus). AVG free seems to be the better solution when it comes to free alternatives, if you’re on a budget.


Windows 7 Thursday, 30 October 2008

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Another joke from Redmond. Read on if, for some weird reason, you want to know about the future of Windows.

This reminds so much about Windows 98 Second Edition! I never understood why I had to pay for an update as though it’s an huge upgrade…

Anyway, over to the links:

Read this article from Australian PC Authority Magazine website.

More on Windows 7 from Paul Thurrot’s Windows Supersite.

One website has a positive bias toward Windows 7, or is it trying to be unbiased?

The other one is negatively biased against Windows 7.