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Media 10 Podcast Project Wednesday, 24 February 2010

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Podcast Project Assessment

  • Script quality (interesting, thought provoking topics)
  • Sound quality (clear voice, easy to hear and understand, background music and/or sound effects do not get in the way of the message)
  • Use of interesting special music and audio effects
  • Appropriate length (3 minutes)
  • Appropriate web publishing (Send podcast to iWeb)
  • Inclusion of any extra visual elements (Podcast cover art, etc.)

Tentative deadline: 19 March. May be changed to sychronise with the other session.

Please read the following tutorial – if you are already familiar with Garageband, you may prefer to jump straight to part 2 of the tutorial.


Bring the appropriate equipment such as headphones, thumbdrives, etc.
Also check the post on podcast project links.


Podcast project links Tuesday, 23 February 2010

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What are podcasts?

Tutorials on how to make podcasts with Apple Garageband

Tips on creating podcasts

Free Audio recording software (for Windows)

Non-Free Audio recording software (for Windows)

Example of a podcast, notice how the beginning (first 30 seconds) include information such as:

  • The podcast title
  • Episode number
  • Date
  • Place
  • Author
  • Web address (URL)
  • Jingle (music/musical theme)


More examples of podcasts here: