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Exam topics Tuesday, 5 May 2009

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Grade 11/12 Computer Applications Semester 2 Examination Topics

Photoshop Skills:

  1. Use proper selection and making objects blend with each other after being pasted together
  2. Insertion and warping of text
  3. Use filters (whole layers & selections)
  4. Use special effects (fx) – shadows, glows, etc.
  5. Use the transform tools (resize/rotate/skew/distort/perspective/warp)
  6. Use fill or adjustment layers
  7. Use the shape tools


  1. Images
  2. Text
  3. Video/Audio
  4. HTML (web) widget
  5. Any other widget
  6. Multiple pages (blog, photo album, etc.)
  7. Saving to folder (Web Documents)


  1. Software tracks
  2. Real tracks
  3. Recorded voice (real track)
  4. Play and record a software instrument
  5. Use panning and/or volume levels
  6. Save/export your track to iTunes
  7. Final format has to be MP3

Creating Tutorials Using Jing (screenshots + OpenOffice document)

  1. Use of screenshots
  2. Use of arrows
  3. Use of text boxes
  4. Use of the highlighter & boxes
  5. Text explanations/comments
  6. Teach at least 6 features of the chosen application
  7. Work presented in web, word processed document, PDF, or presentation

Starting resources:



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